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loyalty program

loyalty program

When you register at Malt Casino, you will open the doors of a world where you can receive special rewards with the points you earn from the moment you register at Malt Casino.You can spend Loyalty Points for every investment,every casino game, every poker hand, and for Loyalty levels.

In addition to special rewards, the points you earn at each loyalty level will increase according to your level, and it will be easier to move to the next level at each level you passed.

Earning Loyalty Points
You will earn points with every bet and deposit. You can earn 0.005 for every 1TRY deposit you make, 0.0005 for every 1TRY bet in casino games, and 0.01 for every 1TRY rake in poker and table games. Your points will be updated daily.

Of course, you are not limited to these, you will earn bonus points according to your loyalty level with your deposits and bets. For example, if your loyalty level's bonus point value is 50%, your points will be increased by 50% and will be transferred to your account.

You can see your score and loyalty level below, you can change it and turn off renewal.
Leveling Up
You can get a different reward at each loyalty level, and as you progress to the VIP level, the rewards become more noticeable. Chance of getting points faster, special contests, high bonus limits, special holiday rewards and gifts… And it's all very easy to win!

The secret to climbing steps fast is very simple, investing and playing games. This is all you have to do. You can go to the top without any effort and take advantage of the special rewards we offer to you.

Rewarding users is in the blood of Malt Casino! Through our Loyalty Program, we give you the opportunity to earn money at no additional cost.
Entrance Points 0 250 500 2000 10000 100000
Maintenance Points 0 250 450 1250 4000 40000
Bonus Points 0% 10% 30% 40% 50% 60%
Special Tournaments
Special Competitions and Promotions
Special Bonuses
7/24 VIP Support
Worldwide VIP Events and Holidays
Special Gifts

* If the user does not generate points for 30 days, the loyalty point will be reset.

** Maintenance points will be deducted from your point balance weekly. If there is an update on the maintenance point of your loyalty level, you will be informed by in-site message and will be deducted from the old attendance point amount for the next continuation point.

*** In cases where your level renewal is active and it is time to renew, if you cannot meet the maintenance point of the level you are in, the system will automatically record you to the highest level you can meet the maintenance point. If your auto renewal is off, the system will put you to the lowest level when the renewal time comes and there will be no decrease from your point balance.

**** Our loyalty program is a reward program offered to users who make individual bets. Users who are found to have taken action to abuse this program may lose their right to participate in the loyalty program after Maltcasino review.